Access your devices
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Use it
to test your webhooks. to show your project to Mom. to test your site on mobile. to work from to access your raspberry pi. to build peer-to-peer apps.

Quickstart with bash

Install Telebit
curl | bash
Claim your device via Email

Want to use 'Jon's Macbook Pro' with Telebit?
Just confirm your email address:

    Confirm Email Address
Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere Access
For Local Development

  ~/telebit http 3000
  Forwarding => localhost:3000

  curl -fsSL

For Sharing Files

  ~/telebit http ./
  Serving ./ as

  curl -fsSL

For Access with SSH

  ~/telebit ssh auto
  Forwarding -p 5050 => localhost:22
  Forwarding ssh+https (openssl proxy) => localhost:22

  ssh -p 5050
  ssh -o ProxyCommand="sclient %h"

For Debugging with TCP

  ~/telebit tcp 9000
  Forwarding -p 5050 => localhost:9000

  netcat 5050

Install For


Secure https for all tunnels
Show your work to anyone
Test API Webhooks
Test your UI in cloud browsers

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